Tuesday, June 14, 2011

funny frankels

so, i just finished reading "I Take This Man" by Valerie Frankel
worth reading: yes
its pretty funny, and is a quick read.

confession: i might have been more interested in this book because it was written by Valerie Frankel, and it just so happens that she shares a last name with another Frankel that i think is quite hilarious!

i mean, the book was good and all... but nothing like the one-woman-sarcastic-circus that is Bethenny Frankel, anyway, pick it up if you get a chance...
happy tuesday!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

obligitory Mavs post

yes- i live in the dallas area,which by proxy makes "The Mavs" a home team

am i a Mavs fan?
--i'm not "not a mavs fan" but ... no, i dont keep up with them and i dont watch the games, nor do i own any piece of clothing with the team name/logo on it.

did i even watch the championship?
-- no.

i'm happy they won, but lets not pretend that i actually watched/cared about any of it... its whatev!!!

did you think you were gonna get a "woooohooo go Mavs post?????" sorry to disappoint. call me a loser, or unsupportive, but i am who i am... its not my thing!

on to something different:
the pool. now, that... I'M A HUGE FAN OF!!!!! like, huge! i love the pool.
and i'm loving my aveeno spray sunscreen, it smells lovely!
thats all folks,
happy monday!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

do you have the right address?

a couple weeks ago i read "the right address"

i thought it was pretty entertaining,
worth reading: yes!

its about Manhattan socialites and their lifestyles,
kind of a "real housewives of NYC" before the show.
its written from a number of different character's points of view,
but i didnt find that to be distracting or confusing.

anyhoo-- its not a "cant put it down" book,
but certainly not a waste of time!
happy tuesday!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

a case of the monday's

except its been more a case of the mondays for almost two weeks now, i apologize for my ultra-boring blog lately.

so, here are some random thoughts:

1. if i had $1 for every glue stick i have used... i'd be LOADED.
2. saturday night i made brownies and chocolate covered strawberries, and i dipped them in pink sprinkles-- they were so cute!
(i didnt take a picture, so imagine these with dark chocolate and pink sprinkles)

3. reason why i've neglected my blog
the pool is open friends, woohoo!

4. the even bigger reason i've neglected my blog
i'm hooked, i pin any chance i get.
its getting obsessive.
you on pinterest??? click below to follow my boards!

and finally, 5. i'm so loving these
-thank you McDonalds-

happy monday!