Sunday, June 12, 2011

obligitory Mavs post

yes- i live in the dallas area,which by proxy makes "The Mavs" a home team

am i a Mavs fan?
--i'm not "not a mavs fan" but ... no, i dont keep up with them and i dont watch the games, nor do i own any piece of clothing with the team name/logo on it.

did i even watch the championship?
-- no.

i'm happy they won, but lets not pretend that i actually watched/cared about any of it... its whatev!!!

did you think you were gonna get a "woooohooo go Mavs post?????" sorry to disappoint. call me a loser, or unsupportive, but i am who i am... its not my thing!

on to something different:
the pool. now, that... I'M A HUGE FAN OF!!!!! like, huge! i love the pool.
and i'm loving my aveeno spray sunscreen, it smells lovely!
thats all folks,
happy monday!

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