Wednesday, July 20, 2011


so, i read every single night before bed, so i go through lots of books.
(which i personally think is a great problem)

i just finished, Little Bitty Lies by Mary Kay Andrews (my fav author) and it was lovely, as all her books are!
i will admit though, i liked this one less than Hissy Fit and The Fixer Upper
but, it was still an enjoyable read.

what its about: a woman, Mary Bliss, who's husband left her and her daughter--and left them broke as well. the story is about how Mary Bliss keeps her head above water, deals with a teenage daughter, has a fussy mother in law, meets a man or two, and manages to make the best of the situation, while facing quite a few random obstacles! its witty and funny, which most of MKA's writing is-- but it dragged a bit more than other books of hers i've read. she's still my fav though!!!

happy wednesday!

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  1. She just put out a new book I saw it at Costco today!!!!!! I loved HIssy Fit (owned that one)